A Poem Against Child Labour by Subhash Ghai

The number of children bound in child labour has risen to 160 million, worldwide. In the past 4 years, there is an increase in numbers by 8.4 million children and the impacts of COVID-19 has added to these figures. On #WorldDayAgainstChildLabour2021 let's come together and raise our voices against child labour and pledge to eradicate it completely in times to come.

" बचपन की उमर में आपने
मुझे ज़िंदगी का बोझ दे दिया
ज़िंदगी जीने से पहले ही मेरी
ज़िंदगी का जोश ले लिया

ना करे पाप इंसान इंसान से
यही विनती है मेरी हर इंसान से "


Subhash Ghai

Date : 12th June, 2021