Subhash Ghai speaks in 'Indian Cinema and Soft Power' seminar organized by the ICCR and FLAME University

"Why America is biggest softpower not India?.. Simply because their government knew the power of cinema and music and supported Hollywood in a big way directly to go worldwide and became a largest exporter of cinema" said Subhash Ghai. Mr Ghai shared his views with the speakers like Deepak Karanjikar, Meenaxi Shedde, Imo Singh at a seminar at Raj Bhavan, Mumbai by ICCR and FLAME university.

Around 95 participants from various parts of the country participated in the Seminar organized by the ICCR and FLAME University, Pune. The aim of the seminar was to bring together practitioners and scholars of Indian cinema and international relations to deliberate, discuss and dwell upon the pertinent discourse in contemporary times.

Renowned film director Shekhar Kapoor had inaugurated the seminar yesterday. Eminent film personalities and renowned experts like Roopa Ganguly, Bharat Bala, Ambarish Mishra, Arunaraje Patil, Ashok Rane, Meenakshi Shedde, Manoj Muntashir, Paresh Rawal, and G P Vijay Kumar also chaired various technical sessions.

Date: 5th May, 2022