Mukta A2 Cinemas welcomes the move to allow companies to vaccinate employees.

The PVR Juhu branch in Mumbai is the first multiplex in India whose entire staff has been vaccinated.

PVR Cinemas has announced a COVID-19 package for its 10,000-plus employees in 70 cities in India. This includes free vaccination for each employee and their dependents.

Speaking about the initiative, Ajay Bijli, chairman and managing director, PVR Cinemas said in a statement, "As an employee-first organization, this pandemic's impact on the lives of our employees and their families is a personal crisis more than anything. The health and safety of our employees are of utmost priority, and, therefore, we introduced a comprehensive employee support care package with free vaccines for all employees and their dependents."

Apart from vaccination, the multiplex firm will also provide assistance to employees who test positive for COVID-19. "With the government's focus on nationwide vaccination, conditions will improve certainly and, being direct service providers, we need to ensure the complete safety of customers along with employees. On immediate priority, we are extending medical, logistical and financial support with an on-ground COVID response team at local levels," said Bijli.

He added that the PVR Juhu branch had become the first multiplex whose entire staff was vaccinated. "The need of the hour is 'empathy' and to stand with your employees, interact with them on a regular basis, make set-ups to bring the organization together and uplift team spirit. Staying optimistic, giving hope and pragmatic in actions has been the basis of the strong foundation between the management and our people (sic)," he said.

Meanwhile, Mukta A2 Cinemas, which was founded by the veteran filmmaker Subhash Ghai, will provide similar benefits to its staff. When contacted, Rahul Puri, managing director, Mukta A2 Cinemas, said, "Yes, we are interested in doing this and are looking forward to it once vaccines are available across the country and some concrete timelines are announced for the reopening of cinemas across the country."

Date : 21st May, 2021
Source: Cinestaan