Connect.1‘s first national account creates a buzz

Mukta Arts Ltd. has a newly formed digital wing - Connect.1, which functions as a digital studio and a YouTube multi-channel network. Connect.1 produces, aggregates and distributes videos, music and various other forms of media for digital platforms.

Scarecrow- a creative agency in association with Connect.1 conceptualized and created the #RightToPayTax campaign for ‘Quicko’-a website that helps people e-file their income tax return online. Many notable media and business leaders came forward and spoke about the importance of paying taxes to live a happy and a fruitful life.

The Indian Constitution guarantees its citizens ‘The Right to Life and Personal Liberty’ which also has within its purview right to clean air, right to education, right to medical treatment etc. With Rights come certain duties. Since these are not enforceable by law unlike the Rights, they are taken for granted. Duty to Pay Tax is one such duty that we often conveniently neglect. According to various media reports only 2.89% of Indian population pay income tax.

What happens when we demand rights and not promise to fulfil our duties? The country starts to deteriorate which further hampers its global standing. It should be noted that —‘to pay tax’ is not a duty but a right! It’s a right because only when we pay taxes can we be rest assured that the state will have resources to fulfil our demands that we call rights.

Mr Rahul Puri, MD of Mukta Arts was a part of this campaign along with other well-known personalities like Mahesh Murthy, Bharat Ranga, KV Sridhar, Roshan Abbas, Ayaz Memon and Rajesh Kejriwal. According to him the idea of getting people to pay tax through software is ‘radical and game changing’. He added, “We demand so many rights in terms of education, healthcare, roads, safety etc. and it’s only when we pay our taxes that we can get all of this for us and our families”.