Flautist Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia creates magic at Whistling Woods International with an inspiring music workshop

"My journey began from being a son of a wrestler from Allahabad to beaming a flautist in the international arena" - Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia

Mumbai, September 24, 2015: This week, the 5th Veda cultural hub at Whistling Woods International (WWI) witnessed almost 550 students left mesmerised by a soulful melody played by Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia. The event commenced with an audio visual that enlightened the students on various kinds of flutes, its origin, its mark in the music industry & the globally recognised remarkable flautists, Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia being one among them. It was followed by an incredible performance by the WWI students of the song, ‘Jadoo Teri Nazar’, originally composed by Pandit Hariprasad. Having shared a bond while working together in various films, Subhash Ghai requested Pandit Hariprasad to play a few Hindi tunes. Together they recreated a magical moment with the melody of ‘Hero’ tune. The standing applause clearly indicated the boundless impact, the classic tune has till date. “I am still a student, I am still learning”, replied Pandit Hariprasad when Subhash Ghai asked him to share a few experiences with WWI students to help them carve their way to their dream of being a legend like him someday.


andit Hariprasad was generous enough with his time as he interacted with the students, explaining and demonstrating the various raagas. “The music that touches your heart is the only right form”, he said while answering one of the questions. As desired by the students, he also played the ‘Malgudi’ tune and old classical tunes like ‘Rang Barse’. As much as the students were impressed with the melodies he created, they were equally appealed and captivated with his simplicity, honesty and live humour as he shared his journey from being a wrestler’s son to one of the most acclaimed and globally recognised flautist.

Overall, the event was majestic. It ended with Subhash Ghai honouring Pandit Hariprasad with the 5th Veda trophy for his outstanding contribution in popularising Indian Classical Music all over the world.