Indian Filmmakers Poised To Make Their Mark: Whistling Woods

Rahul Puri, Executive Director, Mukta Arts Limited and Head of Academics, Whistling Woods International talks to BW People about the changing professional requirements in the media industry and preparing professionals for the future

How has the business of cinema evolved into different aspects over the years? How ready are professionals to tap into the potential of evolving business?

The media industry is extremely dynamic and exists in a state of constant evolution. It isn’t a season-driven industry, but audience-driven, where the preferences of the audience in terms of content and storytelling play a huge role. This makes forecasting any particular trend an extremely difficult proposition. However, I believe that Indian cinema has taken a huge leap from the cliché in the past few years, driven by more mature film industry and an increasingly savvy and worldly audience.

Another factor that has evolved greatly has been the viability of various distribution channels. We’ve also witnessed advancements in, practically, every sphere of filmmaking recently, which has brought extremely positive changes to the Indian film industry from a technical standpoint.

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