Subhash Ghai (Chairman, MESC) emphasised the importance of skill-based training at Shasun Jain College, Chennai

CHENNAI : Shri Shankarlal Sundarbai Shasun Jain College for Women is all set to establish a Centre of Excellence in Media, Entertainment and Communication and Art and Culture. A memorandum of agreement (MoA) was signed between the COO of the Media and Entertainment Skills Council (MESC), Mohit Soni, and the secretary of the college, S Abhaya Kumar Jain, on Wednesday. The MESC is supported by the National Skill Development Corporation, Government of India.

"The approval by the MESC to grant a Centre of Excellence in Media, Entertainment and Communication to Shasun College only takes forward the ambitions and aspirations of both the institutes to realise the dream of making India the skill bank of the world by 2022," said Jain. He said various courses on filmmaking like directing, photography, lighting, make-up skills, courses in addition to gaming, animation and visual effects will be offered.

The courses will be open from early next year. The qualifications required for each course are different. The duration of the course will range from six months to a year and age is not a factor for a candidate to be rejected. The courses have been structured to provide 420 hours of class - of which only 120 is for theoretical classes and the remaining is meant for apprenticeships and learning on the job. Those who complete the course will be awarded a certificate which they said would be recognised globally as it has the seal of approval from the Ministry.

With Subhash Ghai as chairman MESC is looking at a revolution and evolution of the Indian educational system with emphasis on Skill Based Knowledge Development. Ghai emphasised the importance of skill-based training rather than memory-based training. He stressed on 'Vidhya Dhan' - sharing of knowledge as the highest form of 'Dhan' (wealth) anyone can aspire for. Padma Subrahmanyam, president, Nrithyodaya Chennai, was the guest of honour at the event which saw a number of popular faces from the media and entertainment industry addressing the audience.