Subhash Ghai at Brahma Kumaris Decennial Celebrations

A star studded event marked the Decennial Celebrations of Brahma Kumaris Rajyoga Retreat Center known as 'Prabhu Upvan' located at Ekta Bhoomi Gardens, Borivali East, and conducted at Sheth Gopalji Hemraj High School grounds, Borivali East, on the evening of 4th May, which was graced by Senior Brothers and Sisters of this global NGO and recipient of UN Peace Messenger Award (1986), with their subtle messages.

Among those, who left lasting imprints in the minds of the nearly about 7,000 strong congregation, was veteran Film Director Subhash Ghai, when he pointed out, that intellectual poverty was at the roots of destruction of our national character and lack of happiness, peace and love in contemporary society. Practice of applied spirituality was the only recourse to restore our lost glory, was his concluding message.