Subhash Ghai turns 72; says life is a celebration

Filmmaker Subhash Ghai, who turns 72 today, shares that the students of his acting school have special plans for him on his birthday.

"My birthday has always been special for various reasons. All these years my friends and family members have given me many special moments. There was a time when my birthday was celebrated by the entire film industry. I used to party with actors, directors and producers," reminisces Ghai.

As he moved ahead, Ghai says that guests at his birthday parties changed. Along with personalities from the film industry, there were financial geniuses, stock exchange professionals too. Later, when he started his film school, the guest list also saw academicians, teachers and principals of various colleges.

"It feels wonderful when you've celebrated your birthday for 70 years and most of the times you've had something new to cherish. My students have turned my birthday into the annual alumni day of the institute, and from what I know, this year they have some surprise for me. I'm looking forward to that and a lot of other things that we will announce soon," he adds.

However, Ghai says that he has celebrated birthdays without any pomp, ceremony and friends. But he feels blessed that phase of life is over and he has so many well wishers around him now, who shower him with love and respect. "Life is a celebration. One must move forward with a lot of positivity and energy," he sings off.