Vijeta trailer: Subodh Bhave plays a crazily tough coach in this sports battle

Vijeta revolves around a national tournament involving various sports like boxing, the marathon, long jump, javelin throw, cycling, wrestling, swimming and weightlifting. Deshmukh is given the task of preparing athletes in each discipline. In the role of the players we see the likes of Pooja Sawant and Pritam Kagne.

Deshmukh is considered crazy by the players for almost harassing them to prepare them. But the coach wants a gold medal for Maharashtra in each discipline, come what may. Deshmukh also has an emotional back story about which we get a glimpse.

There have been quite a few sports films in Hindi and a few in Marathi as well. It remains to be seen how Vijeta stands apart. The bigger challenge for the film is the inclusion of so many sports in a single film.

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