'Vijeta': Here's Why You Shouldn't Miss Watching Subodh Bhave And Pooja Sawant Starrer

Bollywood and Marathi popular filmmaker and producer, Subhash Ghai's upcoming film 'Vijeta' which happens to be one of the most awaited films of the year. The movie features multi starrer actors including Subodh Bhave, Pooja Sawant, Pritam Kagne, Sushant Shelar, Maadhav C Deochake, Manasi Kulkarni, Tanvie Kishor, Devendra Chougule, Dipti Dhotre, Krutika Tulaskar, and Gaurish Shipurkar.

Owing to its overwhelming response, the makers of the film have decided to release the movie on 12th March 2020. Right from its concept to the stellar performances which is visible in the trailer of the film itself, we give you a rundown of reasons as to why you shouldn’t miss watching this film.

'Vijeta' revolves around a national tournament involving various sports like boxing, the marathon, long jump, javelin throw, cycling, wrestling, swimming and weightlifting. There have been quite a few sports films in Hindi and a few in Marathi as well. It remains to be seen how 'Vijeta' stands apart.

Marathi cinema's superstar, Subodh Bhave will be playing a tough coach in Amol Shetge’s 'Vijeta'. He is portraying a character of Saumitra Deshmukh (Mind Coach). Deshmukh is given the task of preparing athletes in each discipline. He is seen encouraging his team to focus more on mental strength.