What is 5th VEDA by Subhash Ghai ?

GREETING FROM SUBHASH GHAI!!! We are glad to share with you that Whistling Woods International (WWI) and Subhash Ghai have initiated a mission called 5th VEDA, a cultural hub based on Classical Arts on January 30, 2015, inaugurated by Vidya Balan, Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Sukhwinder Singh to connect the younger generation with the art and technique of all classical art forms including drama, dance, music, painting, poetry, from ancient times as well contemporary arts.

5th VEDA is a weekly cultural workshop, conducted every Thursday evening at WWI campus, where the best of experts and mentors come to perform and teach the students and hold an interactive session about the technique of their art forms and also ask students to participate with them. The students also get the opportunity to watch the best of old classic films in the WWI Auditorium with 52 surround sound speakers to experience the magic of cinema and conduct an interactive session.

The objective of 5th VEDA (meaning NATYA SHASTRA) is to develop the taste and artistic skills of each and every student at the campus in whatever discipline he or she holds an interest.

Till now, the cultural hub, 5th VEDA has conducted 12 workshops with celebrities incuding Hariharan (Classical Music), Sukhwinder Singh (Folk Music), Irshad Kamil (Poetry), Kavita Krishnamurthi and Dr. L Subramaniam (Voice and Violin), Talat Aziz (Ghazal), Mathais Duplessy (Background Score), Omung Kumar (Painting), Ketan Mehta (Animation), Terence Lewis (Contemporary Dance) and Deepak Mazumdar (Classical Dance).

On 7th May, 5th VEDA is organizing an event on the “Art of Drama and Theatre” with a stage play, which will be directed by Salim Arif and enacted by WWI Acting alumni, based on the stories of Saadat Hasan Manto. This will be the last session of this semester’s 5th VEDA event. The cultural hub will resume in the last week of July 2015 for the rest of year with best of the celebrities participating.

Please visit this link ( regularly to know more of our previous and future weekly events . As our valued friend and well-wisher, we need your good wishes and a line of appreciation for this mission we have taken. Subhash Ghai Executive Chairman — Mukta Arts Ltd, Mumbai Chairman — Whistling Woods International   "Every Institute of learning, if it has to excel, must contribute something unique and valuable by way of content and/or methodology of knowledge delivery. While we at WWI have done meaningful work both in form and content what has really stood out as a unique and pioneering offering is the 5th Veda. You have really brought in a new dimension to knowledge transfer and I must say this will be your and WWI's lasting contribution in interactive Gurukul in modern times. Congratulations both on the vision and its remarkably good delivery by you and your team."

Ravi Gupta
Dean of Whistling Woods International