Working with fresh faces has paid off: Subhash Ghai

Subhash Ghai is back on the big screen with his latest film, Kaanchi, scheduled for release on April 25. The filmmaker talks about launching two newcomers, Mishti and Kartik Aaryan, and the challenges of making a movie now.

What inspired you to make Kaanchi?

Kaanchi is an emotional, dramatic representation of what we all are going through in our country. The anger I saw on the faces of young Indians, inspired me to make the film. It’s a fictional film, made in true Subhash Ghai-style.

You have been known as the ‘showman’ for 40 years. What were the challenges of making the film now?

It has been a tough challenge, as today there are thousands of showmen all around. But I have tried to keep it simple, and made the film fearlessly.

What are the advantanges/disadvantages of working with newcomers?

To make a film like Kaanchi with newcomers, on a budget of Rs. 30 crore, is doubly challenging. Marketing them is the toughest part. But I’ve done it again, like I did in Vidhaata (1982), Hero (1983), Saudagar (1991), Pardes (1997) and Kisna (2005). I’ve always tried to cast fresh faces in major roles, and it has paid off. Not just monetarily, but it has earned me respect.

Your fascination with the letter M has been repeatedly talked about. Was it a coincidence casting Mishti as your heroine?

Whenever something works for you, you stick to it. So I smiled when my actress told me that her pet name is Mishti.