Sanai Choughade

Banner : Malpix Films

Directed by : Rajeev Patil

Produced by : Shreyas Talpade

Written by : Rajiv Patil, Vivek Gore, Rajesh Kolan

Music by : Avdhoot Gupte

Release Date :20 June 2008

Cast : Tushaar Dalvi, Shilpa Tulaskar, Subodh Bhave, Sai Tamhankar, Santosh Juvekar


Sanai Choughade is a story of a girl called Sayee and her unique marriage.

Sayee lost her father at a very young age. Sayee’s mother played a pivotal role in bringing her up single handedly. Sayee belongs to a small town in Belgaum. She became an orphan and is rendered completely lonely after her mother’s death. Sayee’s mother being aware of the terminal nature of her illness, entrusts Sayee to her niece Urmila and her husband Srikant, along with the funds saved for her marriage.

After her mother’s death, Sayee starts living with Urmila and Srikant in Pune. Urmila and Srikant, a childless couple, are financially well off and belong to the upper strata of the society. They are happy to assume Sayee’s full responsibility as her guardians and get her married in a traditional Maharashtrian manner. The search for a right match for Sayee intensifies as Srikant is offered to take up an assignment in the US.

Srikant and Urmila get a taste of the bitter sweet experiences of the traditional Maharashtrian way of arranged marriage system. Themselves having gone for love marriage, are new to the circus of arranged marriage, in which caste, creed, skin colour, habits are deemed absolutely important. They are dejected to realize that relatively simple seeming exercise of marriage is in fact a very tedious process. Things take a turn for worse, when Sayee’s past comes into foreground, making her marriage further difficult.

Kaande Pohe- a new way of matrimonial search, equipped with the latest technology and marketing techniques, needed for matchmaking turns out to be an answer for Sayee’s problems. Through this institution, Sayee’s marriage is almost finalized. The worse is however yet to come. Forgetting her romantic encounter from the past, Aditya, a prospective groom, accepts her and is ready to marry her. However, every body is shocked and aghast to learn that Sayee is an unwed mother.

After this thunderous revelation, what happens to Sayee? How does Aditya react? What happens to Urmila and Srikant’s reputation and prestige? “Nothings impossible” as claimed by the matchmaker, what happens of his Kaande Pohe institution? Is Kaande Pohe able to get a suitable match for an unwed mother?

Sanai Choughade Pohe is a film which stems from social sarcasm, internal conflict and emotional upheaval. It is a light hearted family entertainer, which will make each one introspect.