Classics are back on the big screen

"Classics are back on the big screen"
Mukta A2 Cinemas brings back hit retro films for its audiences!

The cinema chain to play these movies in a Matinee show at its New Excelsior, Heritage Theatre in Mumbai

The 'Classics' have enthralled audiences for decades. Such is the power of the 'Classics' that the youth happens to be familiar with the popular cast and dialogues even when they haven't seen the movies completely. Old classics coupled with today's technology have largely been considered as a treat to the eyes, by audiences around the country.

Keeping the love of the classics in mind, Mukta A2 Cinemas - one of India's most reputed and esteemed film banners is charging ahead to bring the 'Classics' back on the screen. Mukta A2 Cinemas is gearing up to start a special segment called "Classics are Back on Big Screen." It is aptly doing so at New Excelsior Mukta A2 Cinemas, one of the heritage theaters in Mumbai city.

The era of the classics and the much-loved movies of the past will begin from 9th April, every Sunday noon starting with the musical extravaganza TAAL that will be shown at New Excelsior Mukta A2 Cinemas in Mumbai.

The popular chain of cinemas understands the changing needs of its audiences and aims to deliver the movies by also adding value to the legacy of one the oldest theaters around. In addition to acquiring the operations of this heritage theater, MuktaA2 Cinemas aim to bring upgraded on-screen entertainment experience for all the movie buffs by re-releasing not just the classic movies from its library of evergreen movies, but also from other film banners through its tie-up with 1018MB, a company specializing in showcasing alternative film content at various cinemas.

The idea behind creating this special slot for classic movies, every Sunday, transpired when the New Excelsior was relaunched with its largest screen. Mr. Subhash Ghai showed the clippings of classic movies like 'Karma' and 'Khalnayak' on the big screen and the nostalgia gave goosebumps to the audiences, who fell in love with these movies all over again. Furthermore, stars like Anil Kapoor, Jackie Shroff and other Industry veterans such as Manmohan Shetty with other audience members, requested Mr. Subhash Ghai to re-release such cult films on the same screen. With this, MuktaA2 Cinemas aim to give viewers a stimulating visual experience that they will remember for many more decades to come.

New Excelsior boasts of the largest screen of 84 feet with the impact of surround sound to complement each movie's great music. The theatre is now all set to entertain the movie-goers with its new offerings. Taking a step further, the chain of cinemas will also bring popular films like Sholay, Rang De Basanti, Lagaan and many such loved movies to the silver screen in near future.