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Investor Relations

Investor Relations

Contact information for assisting and handling investor grievances:
Ms. Hemal N. Pankhania,
Company Secretary & Compliance Officer
Tel: Board line — 3364 9400;

  •  Schedule of Conference Call / Investors-Analysts Meeting
  •  Unpaid Dividend Information

  • Reports:

  •  Annual Reports
  •  Annual Returns
  •  Quarterly Reports
  •  Shareholding Pattern
  •  Corporate Governance Reports
  •  Secretarial Compliance Report
  •  Scrutinizer's Report on e-voting & Poll held at AGM
  •  Postal Ballot
  •  Mukta Arts - Investor Presentation - Q1FY20
  •  AGM Presentation (28th August, 2019)

    Corporate Governance:

    Corporate governance is a reflection of the company’s culture, policies, relationship with stakeholders, commitment to values and ethical business conduct. In the same spirit, timely and accurate disclosure of information regarding the financial situation, performance, ownership and governance of the company is an important part of corporate governance.

  •  Terms and conditions for appointment of Independent Directors
  •  Board Committees
  •  Code of Conduct for Board and Senior management Personnel
  •  Whistle Blower Policy
  •  Criteria for making payments to non-executive directors
  •  Fair Disclosure Policy
  •  Familiarization program for Independent Directors
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    Disclosures :

  •  Regulation 30
  • Policies :

  •  Policy on CSR
  •  Policy on Related Party Transactions
  •  Policy on material subsidiaries
  •  Nomination and Remuneration Policy
  •  Policy on Board Diversity
  •  Policy on criteria for determining materiality of events